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I was playing Unreal Tournament (as I am wont to do when I'm bored)...and just got tired of that, so here I am posting a journal entry.

I gave up trying to get KDE to compile from CVS...their HEAD branch has been going downhill lately, IMO. So now I'm doing Gentoo's 3.1_rc6 ebuilds. Of course, it has to compile Qt and everything else from this is an overnight proposition. I just hope everything (including all the PIM apps) works.

School starts tomorrow...I have my two CSC classes (205, and 330, Software Engineering and Programming Languages, respectively), starting at noon. I'm a little nervous about 330, since I skipped the prerequisite for it (with the blessing of both the teacher and my faculty advisor). So, hopefully things will work out OK. I think they will...but I'm still going to really have to pay attention to that class.

Update: It's Programming Languages, not Compiler Design...

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