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480 w00tness

AI homework is almost done.

Yes, my agent still runs around like a drunken maniac, but it's able to consistently find the goal and get back to the starting point without getting itself killed. Yes, the drunken maniac problem is easy to fix (and will be fixed tomorrow). Yes, it's late (well, part 1 is late, but I'll have both parts together done on time), but it's also a damn good agent.

It's hard...very hard, at times (partially due to my rusty coding skills). But you know, the more I play with this AI stuff, the more I realize I'm good at it, and what's more, it's fun. (And I'm modest to boot. ;P)


This is why I'm in Comp.Sci. I am in it because it's fun, and for no other reason. Yes, it contributes something useful to society, but frankly, so does cleaning toilets. I like playing with interesting concepts, and if others can get some use out of them, then so much the better.

Sleepytime. I hope.

-- Des

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