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Well, I had about a half-dozen random thoughts today that I wanted to put down in an LJ, but wasn't near a computer (or was just too lazy to pull out spica), so they didn't get recorded.

I had ECON 201 today (as well as CSC 330, but we know about that already)...turns out rjoseph is in the class as well. The teacher is, well, the teacher...he takes a half-hour to say something that could be said in 5min, but that's OK, because it means there's not as much material for me to deal with afterwards.

We should get our CSC 205 groups assigned soon. Theoretically we were supposed to have them by 5 tonight, but that didn't happen, so I guess we'll figure it out tomorrow. I hope I get a good group...I've heard lots of horror stories about groups where the leader's method of version/revision control was "tell me what you're working on, and hand me a floppy with the work when you're done". Lemme tell ya, I'm not going to use that method. CVS/Bugzilla for me, all the way...and if I'm the only one that uses it, then so be it.

Life is, well, boring right now...nothing interesting whatsoever is happening, other than getting up, going to school, coming home, doing homework, maybe playing a little UT and going to bed. Wish I had more to say, but I can never remember it when I actually try to sit down and type it out. It gets frustrating after a while.
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