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I got back home (i.e. to SLO) on Friday, but I haven't bothered posting since then. :)

Rob came down to visit on Friday night, so it was him, Travis and I Friday night and most of the day yesterday.

My tummy hasn't been happy since Friday evening, but I've been eating yogurt, which helped. Tummy was much better last night after the first cup, and I'm eating my second cup right now.

The apartment was an absolute mess when I got home (yay earthquakes). The freezer door had been propped open by something that fell, but not all the way. So half of my freezer was defrosted, unfortunately. I have yet to go through and determine what spoiled, but ... gah. I lost a lot of food. Thankfully nothing broke.

So now it's a different kind of mess; I have an assload of dishes left to do (some of which were from yesterday), a desk to clean, and a bedroom to clean. And here I am procrastinating and posting to LJ. Of course. :)

Subversion is refusing to upgrade for some odd reason. I should look into that.

-- Des

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