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Blech. I need more yogurt, or food, or something.

Actually, I probably need more sleep. Being up until 3:30 and talking to queueball for a good three hours or so isn't helping. ;P But that was my own damn fault, and it was a worthwhile conversation, so really, I don't have any room to bitch about the lack of sleep.

Speaking of queueball, he gave me a wakeup call this morning, which was cute. I think I was more awake at the time than he was, though, oddly enough.

Anyway, yeah. Stomach is unhappy today, but not as unhappy as it was on Saturday, thank $DEITY. I'm beginning to think I should take this one in to the doctor, because it's been going on for way too long and I can't find a reason for it. (Well, other than sleep. Or nerves. But we're ignoring that just now.)

First class was at 9 this morning; CPE 315, or processor architecture, or somesuch. It could turn out to be an interesting class; but I rather suspect it's going to have a pretty heavy workload. Next class isn't till 3, so I have a good 3 hours to kill. Somewhere in there I need to get a parking permit, but I'm not going to buy books yet.

So, random-stream-of-consciousness, because I have nothing better to do right now. I could be working on my bayesian filter, or something. But ... eh. Think I'll take a nap when I get home. (After 5. grr.)

-- Des

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