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xenithtoast is here. He's staying with me for a couple days because of the party at kion's house tonight. It should be interesting to see what happens's been several weeks since we've all gotten ogether, and we've all been really anxious.

So, yeah...except for xenithtoast showing up sometime after midnight last night, everything has been pretty normal. I'm given to understand that LJ went down for a while, but I didn't try to post then, so it doesn't make that much difference anyway. :)

I'm between 330 and 205 at the 205 on Wednesday, we got assigned to our groups for the quarter, and had to come up with a team name/logo/slogan/whatnot. The project is for a company called Brocade, which produces Storage-Area Networks.Our team, after much discussion, has decided to call itself "Bleach"...we're the "SAN-safe spot remover". Tacky, but amusing just the same.

So, here I am...just waiting for my laptop's battery to recharge. Then it's off to 205, and hope he likes my status report.

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