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Today I'm actually in a mood to go out and cause trouble. But of course, it's a weekday. Dammit.

I should probably put clothes on at some point, preferably before going to class this afternoon.

Experts agree: were I to be a furry, I would be a cat. (Funny that my nick is Condor then, isn't it?) Notafurry.

Weather has been steadily getting warmer. I'm beginning to wonder if spring/pre-spring really is my favorite time of year. Or, maybe it would be if I could satisfy my urges to get out more often (and when they actually crop up, as opposed to several days after the fact). This winter has certainly been depressing ... I'll chalk it up to a lack of rain. Summer is just too hot, especially here.

I need Stewie icons, and I need icons for being annoyed, and for being mischievous/playful (separate from Stewie). (Not that the mischievous icon will get much use. O:) )

Maybe... maybe... CotS icons? ...... nah.

My desk is now relatively clean. w00t.

I have to pay bills. anti-w00t.

There may or may not be a state-of-the-Des post coming up later today, but I don't know whether that's just gonna be a private post, or friends-only, or what. It's long overdue; I don't remember when my last one was.

My friend groups are sorely in need of reorganizing. Again.

-- Des

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