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So, in the grand tradition of procrastinating, I'm writing an LJ post and staring at my pretty background.

Parents are coming down, and will probably be here just in time for dinner. It's my dad's 60th birthday this weekend (actually tomorrow), and I told them I'd cook. I'm going to be cooking Ashlee's lemon chicken recipe, because I think it's good. I'm probably gonna have to go easy on the lemon though.

phlog and I went to Trader Joe's yesterday, and I picked up a few interesting tidbits, one of which I'm sipping at now. I got myself some gingerbeer, and some more tea. On a lark, I picked out a new kind of tea I've never tried before: white tea. White tea is really finicky about how it's brewed, but I think it's pretty well worth it. It's a light, rather delicate flavor that's hard to describe, and if you steep it for more than a minute or two, you will overbrew it (I accidentally let this cup sit for three, but it still seems reasonably OK).

I also picked up some gingerbeer (which is all phlog's fault, since he got me hooked on it ;) ). It's like really strong ginger ale; it's good. Leaves a bit of a fire in the back of your throat as it goes down, but nothing really unpleasant.

Gah. Perhaps I should stop procrastinating and start cleaning. If the apartment isn't absolutely clean by the time my mom gets here, she's going to have a fit, and so will I. (Interesting how I don't really care what my apartment looks like when my friends come over, but as soon as it's either family, or someone I don't know that well, I worry about cleaning it up.)

-- Des

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