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I'm still at kion's house...spending the night here, in fact (if it wasn't immediately obvious by the fact that it's about 4:30 AM). First inaugural Toastmuffin session of the quarter...much fun, and devpreed passing out in the bathroom after having too much to drink.

That's rather unusual...#tm people usually only drink in moderation, if at all. But, it is Paul, and it was the "inaugural" debauchery, so I guess he can be forgiven this time. :)

pharkas and I had some interesting conversation about being drunk...I'm nowhere near adventurous enough to try it, certainly not if everyone else around is also drunk. I just have this thing about safety, and about not messing with my mind in that way...if something bad happens, I want to be able to deal with it in an unimpaired fashion. Especially if it involves driving.

So...yeah. I'm not at all tired, but I should probably go to bed here soon...sleepy time for the Condor.
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