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Beach Day

Today was a beach day. I finally got off my ass around 1 and went down there, and got back a couple of hours ago.

Hwy 41 was yummy, as usual, except going out there in the 2nd set of turns there was an idiot who insisted on going 5 miles UNDER the speed limit. The road into MdO was also yummy, as usual.

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures. I had my digital camera with me (in the car), I just didn't take it with me when I went walking. I should have, though, it was pretty out today.

I didn't run myself out; I somehow forgot to eat lunch before I left, so when I got out there I was a little hungry and a little cramped. Although I did climb halfway up the side of a really steep sand embankment that was probably 100ft tall, and sat for a bit. It felt almost like sitting on the side of a cliff. Great view of the waves and ocean, too; you're up high enough to be able to appreciate the bigness that is the ocean, but you're still close enough to be able to actually see it.

So. My mood is at least reasonable. Amazing how it changes like that; I can be in a foul and shitty mood during the morning/night before, go for a walk on the beach, and come back calmer and if not exactly happy, then at least somewhat relaxed.

Actually, for the first time in a week, I'm kinda sleepy.

Sleepy hasn't been happening for me lately. Probably because I've been under too much stress; my brain shifts into overdrive, then kills itself running in a tight loop thinking about and trying to solve every problem known to man. I can't believe it's taken as long as it has to run out of energy doing that. Maybe it was just waiting for a trip to the beach, to force it back into sane mode.

I am OK, at least, for the moment. Still bitter and cynical, but I can be relaxed and apathetic about that, too. ;) I guess you just take the little things when you can.

-- Des

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