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So, I was pondering the nature of the Universe over a bowl of ice cream, as I am often wont to do on a night like this. I was thinking about how bored I am when I'm sitting around at home doing nothing particularly interesting...I mean, I switched my window manager over to Ion today, so now my desktop looks somewhat like something out of a really bad Star Trek episode. But, really, despite having done all this (and hand-crafted my Ion configuration file to my heart's content), I'm still essentially bored.

I'm also eating ice cream over my keyboard, which, I just realized, is a Bad Thing(tm).

So, I could sit here and ramble about the state of the Universe (which, surprisingly enough, closely resembles the state of my brain...wait, whoops, did I get the two confused again? Damn.), or I could find something interesting to talk about. Wait, though...I'm bored, so I have nothing interesting to talk about. OK, that's enough.

So, yes, the point of this whole rambling entry (aside from demonstrating my amazingly 'leet English skillz) is simply to say that I got pissed at KDE being so bloated, and have switched. I still use the KDE tools (KMail, KOrganizer and such), since I think they're some of the best I've ever seen, but the whole panel/desktop/konqueror thing...No. That's gone away, thankfully. Maybe now it will only take 1 minute to boot my laptop, instead of 5.

Uh-oh...a very bad thought just occurred to me. How am I supposed to watch DVDs in Ion?

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