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Today was a good day.

northing and I went down to the beach for a while, and wandered around. There were a lot of people, though, and it was hot, so we only stayed for a few hours.

Hwy 41 with Sparky's sunroof open, and Guster blasting from the speakers ... mmmmm. (BTW, Rob, I need to get that title from you.) It was fun, it was happy, it was good. And when you don't care too much about speed limits ... well, you get the idea. ;) I think that's the first time in a month I've been happy and relaxed at the same time. I need to be that way more often.

I got to drive Sparky around the parking lot today, which was my first time with a manual car. I definitely need more practice, but I think my next car will have to be a manual. You're so much more in control and capable of doing exactly what you want to ... it's like the difference between Linux and Windows. Sure, Windows gets you from point A to point B, but Linux lets you decide how to get there, it does a better job (for some subjective value of "better"), and it does it with style and elegance.

Of course, the tradeoff there is, one has a much higher learning curve than the other. But then, I've always felt that if you're gonna learn about something (driving, computers, people, whatever), learn as much as you can. There's no point in being half-assed about it.

I should probably go to bed now. We'll see if that actually happens or not. I rather doubt it will.

-- Des

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