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w00t! Finally done...

HA! Finally finished my SOC final. I hope I did well...I'm really worried about it. On the way out, I started to say, "If I screw up..."; his response was "Just have faith!" Hmmm, I don't know if I can or not. BUT, it's done! And I'm happy! And now I get to decompress, and do dishes...ah well, life isn't always perfect.

So, I called Best Buy yesterday (and somehow forgot to mention this) laptop will be here tomorrow. w00t! Spica has been dead for the past couple of weeks (it had a hard disk crash) it had to get sent in, and shipped all the way back to Sony. Ugh.

I registered today...$10 over at They're cheap, and they host DNS. Much cheaper than Register's $35/year. Very, very cool. So, now we'll all have a website. w00t. (BTW, the link probably doesn't work yet, because the DNS takes 72 hours)

I've been thinking about a bunch of other stuff, but I'm a little too lazy and too tired to journal it at the moment.

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