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Fuck. Of course this means they're going to find some tricky way to do it, now, even if the public tells them to go to hell.

Selective Service needs to go away. Aside from the whole gender discrimination thing (only draft men? that really irks me; women are just as capable as we are), the whole concept of drafting seems just ... anti-American. But then, the Bush administration is anti-American, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised ...

I am a pacifist. I refuse to give my time and effort to a military organization that has also demonstrated its imperialist nature. And I certainly refuse to give up the freedoms I believe I am entitled to as a living being.

Perhaps I should renounce my citizenship and leave now, while I still can. This country is no longer safe or free.

Update 12:33: The House bill is HR 163, and the Senate bill is S 89.

-- Des

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