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New Neighbors, Impromptu Part 2

As many of you may remember, I got a new neighbor a while back (sorry, too lazy to look for the link...maybe in the morning). Well, his fiancee got here today, with a rather large (20ft, in fact) Ryder rental truck stuffed with furniture. I'm not exactly sure how they've managed to fit as much as they did into that tiny apartment of theirs...but somehow, they managed it. So I spent the evening helping them move stuff in, which was an enjoyable, if harrowing, experience.

I also found out from pharkas that the 205 homework is due tomorrow (well, later today now), so I quickly did the reading and the homework. I broke my rule about not doing schoolwork on the weekends, but it's a pretty flexible rule anyway.

So, now I'm tired and I want to go to sleep. Problem is, I've had way too many interesting (well, interesting to me) thoughts shooting through my head today to be able to sleep very well at all tonight. Problem is, I'm too tired to write them all down. Blech.

Dammit, I just realized I still have a kitchen full of dishes. Oh well, at least I got my laundry done...thanks to my very helpful landlady, who let me borrow her washer/dryer since my car was blocked by my neighbor's rent-a-truck.

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