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So, I decided last night that my laptop had to be rebuilt (i.e. emerge -e world, for those familiar with Gentoo). It was having strange linker errors while trying to upgrade the wireless software, which means I have now lost Internet connectivity for the laptop when I go on campus.

If that doesn't make sense, my apologies. I haven't been making much sense lately.

I think I got about 6 hours of sleep again last night. Nowhere near enough.

Ooooh, the pop tarts are done.

UPDATE: The word 'mrrf', a derivative of the not-so-well-known 'murf' was found here by the Thought Police earlier this morning. It has been removed, to protect the populace. Any other versions of 'murf' or 'mrrf', or their derivatives, are to be shot on sight, as they are Enemies of the State(tm). Thank you.
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