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Random Update -- Bitchy, Whiny, blah

There are mice in my apartment. I saw one in my silverware drawer this morning when I went to get out a spoon for my yogurt. I just finished checking the kitchen, and there are droppings in just about every cabinet below the counter. Grrrrr. This means I have a lot more dishes to do than I thought I did ... it also means no more storing food in those cupboards. I haven't finished checking to see if I need to throw any away yet.

I've been half-awake during class lately, probably because my body is now in Spring mode, which means I get sleepy in the afternoons and hyper in the evenings. Although today is cooler than yesterday was, so hopefully this phenomenon won't be as pronounced (it resulted in me getting about 4.5hrs of sleep last night).

I think I'm flunking Theory of Computing at this point, which tells me I'm probably doing too much this quarter school-wise. Funny how some people can take 16 hardcore units (like, math-intensive, that sort of thing), while some of us can't even handle 12. I'm taking three math-filled courses this quarter, and I'm now thinking this is too much. Having a cold cant've helped, either.

Speaking of my cold, this damn cough hasn't gone away yet. My throat has been getting very irritated, and I'm getting really annoyed at coughing every 30 seconds or so (especially considering I have enough trouble getting to sleep already).

Lessee, what else ... going home for Mother's day, which would be fine, except I'm missing Gunparade March. I still haven't found where else I can get it, which annoys me greatly. I really don't want to miss any of it. This makes me think I should just break down and buy the damn series (with the money I don't have), but I don't think it's all out on DVD in the US yet (which also annoys me).

So, to sum up, annoyed, blah blah annoyed blah BLAH blah annoyed blah. Yay Spring, or something.

-- Des

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