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30-second update

30-second update before I pack up the laptop and head up to the bay area...

I caught the mouse last night, finally. w00t. Many thanks to my wonderful landlady, who went out and bought me mousetraps and everything else I needed to catch the sucker.

Insomnia last night, with the net result of me not going to school today, and not caring, either. bleh. Spring is annoying (think male PMS for a month or two straight :p).

ladymeep (Ashlee) and I went Mother's day shopping today, and ended up wandering around the whole of Morro Bay for a few hours before finally dropping her off. As a result, I'm now an hour or two later than I expected to be getting out, but that's OK. (And yes, I'm such an LJ addict that I'm taking time to post about it. :p) We had a good talk, and it was well worth it.

Dishes still aren't done, and the kitchen is still torn apart, but I guess you can't have everything.

OK, I'm anxious to be off.

-- Des

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