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Extreme Tea Randomness

[The music is Massinova Reborn, for those of you who can't do reverse DNS lookups in your head. ;) I'm just too lazy to figure out how to get XMMS to post the title of what's actually playing. :p]

Of course, on the one day that it's rather hot (in north county, so :P), I have an insatiable craving for tea, which also happens to be hot. I went through two cups in the past hour or so, and I'm destined to go through more before the night is over...

Maybe I'll experiment with making my own iced tea. Peppermint iced tea might be an interesting thing to try.

Lessee. I need to find something else substantive to write about so you don't all yell at me for taking up so much space on your Friends' list for something as silly as tea.

Ah, screw it. You all love me, so you wouldn't yell at me anyway, right? ;) *makes an attempt at looking cute and fails miserably*

-- Des

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