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Bored. Procrastinating on doing anything productive (such as cleaning the kitchen), as usual.

The amount of Anime music I have been listening to lately scares me. :) In related news, I have decided I need the Noir soundtrack. I like Noir, yet I don't like Saikano. Noir seems to have a more ... philosophical bent; it's more of an art than Saikano. Besides which, last I checked, the amount of blood/gore in Saikano was exponentially increasing with each episode. *shiver*

Speaking of gore, I had a dream last night. It was rather gross, so I'll spare you the details. Sadly, it's one of those rare dreams that I seem to remember.

w00t. Deneb's uptime is at 75 days ... I think my record for this machine is something like 90 days (because we seem to have at least one 15-second power outage every few months or so here :p). Yes, this means I have not rebooted or powered down the box in 75 days. (Take that, you Windows users! ;) )

-- Des

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