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Back from the Beach (Updated)

Ran (well, hiked) myself out quite well today ... went out to Sand Spit (at Montana de Oro) and slogged through sand up and down hills for an hour and a half or so. Now I'm home, hot, sticky and cramped in muscles I didn't know I had (which is probably my fault for not drinking quite enough water before leaving).

But it's all good ... when I first started to really push myself, my body was complaining pretty loudly. So I'd slow down a bit (but not stop), and oddly enough, after a while, it just stopped complaining. I asked a lot of it today, and it performed much better than I expected it to. I haven't really tested my body's physical limits, so who knows, maybe it's capable of more than I realize.

In the past I haven't exercised much, because I invariably come back feeling like shit, at which point I bitch out whoever happens to be in the vicinity, and generally bite people's heads off. Not fun. But today, I actually feel good now that I'm back from the hike, and I still have some energy left to do things like type, and eat. And that shower is going to feel ohhhhh-so-good when I finally get around to taking it. :)

I wonder if maybe my mind is the same way ... if I push it hard enough (as long as I remember to slow down--but not stop--when it complains), will it surprise me too?

Update 20:04: Stupid, stupid Des ... I apparently got a blister on the back of my heel. Which just goes to show what happens when you say "screw it, I'm just going to use my normal cotton socks in my hiking boots because I'm lazy".


The Jeep's front-end alignment is out of whack again. The vibrations were bad enough to throw off my rhythm a bit doing curves on hwy 41 (thus causing me to take them slower than I ordinarily would :( ). I wonder how much that's going to cost to fix ...

I think it's probably past time to give my dad his car back, in any event. I just need to find one that will work for me ...

-- Des

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