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Brief Update

Jeep got fixed today, and is all happy now. It's probably OK for making trips to and from LA should I get called for jury duty.

I am sleepy. I've had lots of random idea fragments floating around in my head. None of them are really related to my senior project idea directly, although I might be able to take some of them and use them. (Yeah, I know, I'm getting an early start on the whole project thing. Shuttup. ;) )

I have a lot of really random ideas about how information in general is organized (whether it's email, or contact lists, or source code, or LJ entries, or ...), and I want to codify some of those ideas. They're all ideas which I will facetiously call Des' Information Theory (because there are plenty of other information theories out there). I'll probably write something up about it eventually, but it will be pretty technical and it probably won't be very meaningful to the non-geeks out there.

Suffice it to say there will be Objects, arbitrary Relations (one-way and n-way) between Objects, Classifiers, Aggregators, Views, Operators (all of which are also Objects, of course) and $DEITY knows what else. There will probably be Spaces in there too, though not in the normal sense of the word "space".

I'm sure I've written a rant somewhere--I just have to find it--about why I don't like the way computers handle information right now. This whole business of opening different programs for web, email, or documents on the local machine is just silly. If you're looking for a piece of information, you should be able to formulate a query, search for it, and find it regardless of what type of thing it is (it could be a saved IM, an email, a webpage, ...). Oh yes, and don't even get me started on hierarchical filesystems. They are useful for a lot of things, but sometimes I want to be able to take cross-sections of the hierarchy (e.g. show me all the MP3s on my disk with an author of "Linkin Park"), and I can't do that easily and quickly.

More to come when I get around to writing it (and I will, if only for my own edification).


I've been thinking lately I want to do some creative writing, perhaps as an outlet of sorts. Except the last time I tried that, well, the results were less-than-satisfactory, and it certainly wasn't something I would have been comfortable showing to others. I'm also curious, though this won't really affect my decision ... if I wrote something, would those of you on my friends list be interested in reading it?

Must ponder this some more.

-- Des

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