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DennysCon 1

Wow...this is incredibly weird...

So, I went to Denny's tonight (more on that later), and on my way home, once I got over the Grade, it was completely, so foggy 101 was down to 55 in stretches where people normally go 80.

That is, it was completely foggy till I got to my offramp, at which point it cleared completely. I had full visibility getting off, and driving all the way back to my apartment (which isn't that could walk the distance if you were so inclined). What's weird is, I could see the fog start back up again at full strength just after my offramp. Even more weird, it's completely fog-free right around my apartment, but next door it's foggy, and right across the creek bed behind my lot it's also completely foggy. But here I am, sitting in my apartment, and there's no fog around the entire lot.

Weather does strange things sometimes.

So, yeah, tonight was an impromptu Denny's run...made easier by the fact that I was already in SLO doing homework in the CSC lab (since their boxen have that other operating system I won't mention). A good time was had by all, including kion, although we gave him a hard time about the loaner minivan he had. He has now been designated the official soccer mom of #toastmuffin. :)

I don't know what else to say about Denny's...I'm still busy marvelling at mother nature and the funky weather. I know, I know, not such a big deal, really, but it's the little things that always make me look, and say, "oooh! that's SOOOOO cool!".
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