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Laptop Geeky fu

This post brought to you by /dev/null, and the metasyntactic variables "foo" and "bar".

Don't forget, k1dd13s, always backup to /dev/null ... it's faster than burning to CD. Much faster. *evil laugh*


So I know I promised some of you a large number of (not-public) posts today, and I would have followed through, except my laptop kinda ran out of space.

So I spent most of the afternoon and evening repartitioning it ... I had a very brain-dead partitioning scheme before that wasted a lot of space (because this used to be dual-boot to Windows, believe it or not). All is fixed now, and I can actually get around to thinking about what I wanted to think about to begin with. Or something.

In case you're curious, here is my new partitioning scheme:

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda2             252M  130M  122M  52% /
/dev/hda6              37G   11G   27G  29% /d0
/d0/usr                37G   11G   27G  29% /usr
/d0/opt                37G   11G   27G  29% /opt
/d0/var                37G   11G   27G  29% /var
tmpfs                 253M     0  253M   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs                 1.0G  236K  1.0G   1% /tmp
/d0/home               37G   11G   27G  29% /home
/d0/uml                37G   11G   27G  29% /uml
/d0/pub                37G   11G   27G  29% /pub

/ and /d0 are using ReiserFS 3 (*looks around nervously and hopes it doesn't crash* :p), and the /d0/... filesystems are bind mounts (i.e. they're not real filesystems, they're just links from one place to another).

As a semi-interesting side note, ReiserFS is definitely noticeably faster for syncing Portage than XFS is ... but I don't trust Reiser as much. (Could have something to do with that accident a while back involving PartitionMagic, resize_reiserfs and my MP3 collection ... :p)

Now, to restore my music and backups from the server ...

-- Des

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