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Grrrr...nobody's here this weekend. This is annoying, because all I have to do is sit around and play Unreal Tournament (which doesn't cost money), or go to the beach and do nothing, or go to Best Buy, or rent movies (most of which do cost money).

Ah well.

So...205, which I can't really talk about because the whole class has been asked to sign NDAs, and I need to clarify what is and is not covered. We had a meeting yesterday, which was annoying, because I really don't like having to do work on weekends. It went for 2.5 hrs (which reminds me, I need to add it to my timelog), and we did get stuff done, but most of the stuff involves figuring out what we need to do. So I now have a TODO list 5-6 items long, most of which is nontrivial.

In addition to that, I have to clean the bathroom and the kitchen (which involves dishes...ugh), probably vacuum, do 330 homework, 205 homework (in addition to the project), and catch up on my Econ reading.

Oh yes, and did I mention, play more Unreal Tournament?

Maybe I should eat breakfast.

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