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I am Murphy's Bitch

I want to kill my DSL modem now. It went into a coma right in the middle of an AIM conversation.

It failed, but only in one direction. It was sending packets to me, but refusing to send packets upstream. From here, it just looked like their router was refusing to respond to ARP packets. Gar.

An hour on the phone with tech support and one modem reset later ... here I am again.

I caused a lot of havoc, too. "Yes, I am running Linux, and yes, I expect you to support me, so :P." ;) Sigh. When will these people figure out I know more than them (even if I occasionally do do stupid shit like not reset the modem), and just transfer me to 2nd level automatically? :p

Although to his credit, he was as helpful as he possibly could be, considering the system he was forced to operate with.

-- Des

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