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I know, I haven't felt like writing much lately.

The 4th was good ... I was up in Monterey with Rob and Kennan. I've had a lot of stuff bouncing around in my head, but what else is new ... there may or may not eventually be a post about that.

Work on Dryice continues. Perhaps one day I will get around to writing up something decent describing what it actually is. ;) Depending on how confident I feel about my design, I might even post some sample code. I still have a couple major design hurdles I've been stalling on, but they're slowly coming unravelled.

Deneb is way overdue for some upgrades. I'll be rebooting it tonight once the new kernel is done, so I thought I should at least make some sort of commemorative uptime post to record the fact that yes, my di--er, uptime really is bigger than yours. ;P

-- Des

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