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Tea Brewing

I just boiled some water to make peppermint tea (probably one of my most favorite kinds), and I just noticed how the water percolates through the teabag, leaching out the flavor. I can watch through my glass mug as the water slowly turns a darker color. I can see the swirls left behind by the tea, and watch the wisps of steam as they rise up off the surface of the liquid. I imagine I can even see the little water molecules bouncing around, percolating up and down, as they cool off.

Suddenly, I am relaxed...I have found peace in something as simple as a cup of tea. I find it ironic that right here, right now, in this moment, I have found something I've spent a good portion of my life searching for. And even now, I can accept it as it is, without worrying about how it got that way, or whether I will get to experience this feeling again. I know that it will come again, for all I need to do is brew another cup of tea, or wait for another foggy night.

Whoops, it's done brewing. Time to drink.
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