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nVidia and ACPI

OK, so one of the things that has been majorly frustrating me about Linux lately is the distinct lack of suspend/resume support for ACPI ... you can do it with APM, but most devices nowadays don't support APM anymore (and with good reason ... APM was a crappy standard).

I've been using ACPI for power management on my laptop, because it's newer and APM support is eventually going away.

nVidia, with their crappy binary-only drivers, has so far not supported any kind of power management. There was a 3rd-party patch to make the 4xxx and 5xxx series builds use APM, but that never did work right. I upgraded to the newest 6xxx build recently and was rather pleasantly surprised to find the beginnings of ACPI support.

Of course, it broke a bunch of other shit, because nVidia likes to do that ... so no more DVD player (and thus no more Bebop) for me until I fix it. At least there IS a fix. *glares at nVidia*

So, long story short, after an hour or two of experimenting and tweaking scripts, I now have suspend/resume working on my laptop exactly the way I want it to. Happy Des. :D

Now, if only I could manage to get something actually productive done ... :p

-- Des

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