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Just got back from hiking around the beach ... hot, sweaty, sticky, probably stinky and definitely in need of a shower.

But it was fun. And I feel ... relaxed, oddly enough. Mmmm. Relaxed and lazy ... think I'm having a vaguely tabby moment. (don't ask ;P)

There were quite a few horses out today ... I like horses. None of them stopped to chat though. Too bad ... they all looked pretty friendly.

The drive back was fun. I think I broke 60 in some spots in the curves on hwy 41 (yes, Rob, I was careful not to push the car past its limits ;) ). Then I got behind someone (well, I was the second in line behind them) who decided they had to go 5 miles *under* the speed limit. Those people annoy me.

I need a car that's better-suited to such things ... like an M3. (hah! as if I could afford that ...) Jeeps really weren't designed to do that.

Oh yes, got a call from the temp agency this morning. So I might actually have a job ... for a month. Of course, they have to call and tell me about this AFTER I've already committed to LinuxWorld. :p And no, I can't easily get uncommitted, even if I wanted to. So we'll see if that's a problem ... hopefully not.

Mrf. I need that shower. Now. *purrrrrrrrrrrr*

-- Des

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