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So, although I'm fully qualified for the position, they want someone who's closer to full-time than me. Which means they can't hire me.

But he did say he'll keep my name around for consultant-type stuff, smaller projects and the like. That's more on a project-by-project basis though ... it's certainly not any kind of constant employment.

Soooo ... yeah. Disappointing, but what can you do ...


On a related note, I went to the career center at Poly this morning (just in case), and they had a grand total of one job that didn't make me want to puke when I read the description.

This leads me to believe I am screwed as far as finding a job in this area is concerned, unless I want to (a) do manual labor (which I really don't have the build or the strength for), or (b) work in a restaurant (please, just don't even go there).

-- Des

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