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I've been a geeky little Des today ... upgraded my kernel to (whytf do they need versions with 4 numbers in them now? before you know it they'll be up to six numbers ...). I also decided to be adventurous and dropped in X.Org 6.7.99 (the precursor to X 6.8).

It went in smoothly, except for a few minor issues with some fonts I really don't care about. And damn, is it responsive. There's still visible window redrawing, which is rather annoying, though it's not as bad as it was before. (I thought XDamage was supposed to fix that ... phlog? You're the one following xorg development.) For those of you running Gentoo who want to try it, it's hard-masked in Portage for testing before it gets pushed into unstable ... just unmask it in /etc/portage/packages.unmask. (And yes, the binary nVidia drivers work with it just fine.)

It makes UT2003 run quite a bit faster now. This machine used to have problems (frame dropping and all that) with the DM-Inferno map at 800x600, but now it takes it comfortably at 1024x768 with very little noticeable lag.

X 6.8 is/will be a major step in the right direction ... though I don't like the fact that they're layering extension on top of extension (why don't they just fix the damn architecture in the first place?), if they can make it work, and work well/quickly, who am I to complain?

Just wait ... we'll have the gamers running Linux before long ... >;)

-- Des

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