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Memeage, and other random snippets.

There's something vaguely ... empowering/thrilling/fulfilling about managing a bug from start to finish. I spent all morning tracking this one down and handling it, even though it's just a stupid security advisory. Probably because it's at least something to do. sigh.

My right index finger has been bugging me a lot the past couple of days, to the point where I'm favoring my middle finger while typing. It's just been aching/being difficult and inflexible. This is very annoying because it slows my typing way down, and generally prevents me from coding effectively. If it keeps this up tomorrow, I'm going to take it in to the doctor.


Trust Metric
My trust level is: 86%

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71% - 100% Wow. You're pretty goddamn trustworthy, I guess. if you don't trust me, well, that's your problem. ;) Crush Meme
Number of crushes on me so far: 1

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Wow, you mean, somebody actually has a crush on me? Who are you and why do you think I'm even worth your attention? ;) I'm too chicken to build a crush list, and I'd have to go back and change it every 5 minutes anyway, so ... *shrug*

-- Des

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