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Not one of you commented on Sunflower, not even just to tell me you read it. *pout*


I hit a major milestone for Dryice yesterday. I now have a working "compiler" for a basic subset of the language. So now I can generate pretty graphs like this one. They're huge graphs, though ... for instance, that graph came from the following snippet of source:

    a => 1;
    b => 1;
    addTwo => { a + b };

...yeah. Big tree for a snippet of code that small. But it really does need to be that big.


So, apparently LJMeme has now decided they're going to start blackmailing their user base. ("Pay us $5, or we're going to tell people who all your crushes are!") Now, I don't really care if those of you on whom I am crushing find out (in fact, I wish some of you would take a hint ;P), but I have a problem with this new "feature" on principle.

I sent them the following email on Wed, and still haven't received a response. If I don't get anything back by tonight, I'm going to send them another, nastier email. If I am sufficiently annoying, they might actually listen (the idea is to make it less expensive for them to just deal with my problem and shut me up than it is to ignore me). :p

Subject: Re: Sells Out
From: "Joshua J. Berry" <...>
Date: Wednesday 22:41:32

On Wednesday 01 September 2004 21:27, you wrote:
> Hi, condordes.
> Due to popular demand, we've decided to offer a couple new features for more
> small donations to the beer fund. To wit, for two dollars and fifty cents
> you can get the following:
> * Anyone who is currently listing you as a crush.
> * Everyone who has ever listed you as a crush.
> In addition, for just five bucks, you can all that plus:
> * Everyone ANY USER has ever listed as a crush.
> * Everyone who has EVER listed a crush on ANY USER.

...and you don't see any ethical problems with this?  Cause I do.

You are dealing with personal information.  Now, I personally don't 
particularly care if someone finds out I have a crush on them, but I have a 
problem--on principle--with this new "feature".  When signing up for a 
website such as yours, people generally expect that you will at least treat 
their data with a modicum of respect.  That means not selling it out to 
whoever wants it (at least, without giving them a chance to tell you not to).

> Pretty cool, huh? Not just any ONE user, ANY user, period. For those of you
> who've got something there that you may not want other users to see, a
> privacy option is also available. See? There's something for everyone. Just
> makes you feel all gooey inside, don't it?

Where is this privacy option?  Does it allow users to opt out of having their 
data distributed, even to your paying customers (both the $2.50 and the $5)?  
I've been poking around your site for the past ten minutes and I can't find 

UNLESS you can demonstrate that you have a sufficiently strong privacy option, 
I must respectfully request that you remove all data pertaining to LJ user 
condordes from your servers.  Please note that I am submitting this request 
via my registered LJMeme email address, and that it is being sent through the 
registered MX host for

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.  
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Joshua J. Berry

"I haven't lost my mind -- it's backed up on tape somewhere."
    -- /usr/games/fortune

Of course, after I sent this, they made their privacy "option" prominent on the front user page, but it still costs $5, and thus IMO is still blackmail-ish.

"Great! We're going to make money by [blackmailing] our users!" ... Is it just me, or does that sound vaguely SCOish?

-- Des

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