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Blech. Other people's stress has been rubbing off on me, I think. But I went to the beach this afternoon with caitsonion, which was much-needed relaxation time.

kithkanan is also back in town. He stopped by last night on his way in and we went out for a bite to eat. He's been gone for most of about a month, but I'm sure he'll tell you all about that whenever he gets around to updating his own LJ. (Oops, someone dropped a hint ... ;) )

Sooo ... people are starting to show up here again, which is good, because it means I won't be quite as affection-starved. I hope.


I generally try to keep politics out of this journal. There are enough people out there ranting; adding one more voice to the mix rarely does any good. But for this one post I'm going to make an exception.

kion posted a link to a firsthand account of the RNC protests in his journal tonight. Read it. All the way through. If you read no other news, or LJ posts, or anything, read this. (And then, if you don't mind, spread it around to everyone else you know.)

It's sick, and wrong. Now I have a bad taste in my mouth.

On a semi-related note, for the love of God, get rid of Bush this November. Kerry's not really much better, but at least we have his reelection to hold over his head. If we reelect Bush, we won't even have that. He'll be able to do whatever he damn well pleases for 4 years, because he knows he's going to get booted at the end of it anyway.

This is making me want to become a journalist ... just so I can dig shit like this up. :p (Except Poly's journalism department sucks ass, at least if their school newspaper is any indication ...) One has to wonder how much goes on in government that we're not even aware of ...

-- Des

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