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I really need to eat better. I waited tonight till the adrenaline kicked in, which made it very difficult to get food in a reasonable fashion.

But anyway. Had my econ midterm was incredibly easy...not even 50 multiple-choice questions. He also just took questions, verbatim, off the practice test. So, I'm pretty sure I got at least a B. I was out of there in like 20 minutes.

Hah...and they call that a college course.

In other news, I've felt the urge to play with SDBI a bit more, and possibly release's a useful little module that simplifies/abstracts perl's DBI interface. The latest mods (i.e. just coded tonight) let the programmer concentrate on the perl, while relegating the SQL to a separate location (it's stored along with the DSN information). So now instead of integrating SQL inside a program (and thus making the program dependent on the schema of the database), one merely has to write a datasource file that contains the appropriate DSN information and SQL commands.

I's not really a "new" practice (in fact, most well-designed apps already do this abstraction informally), but this is a way of making it more convenient/easy to do in perl.

Maybe I'll actually get around to releasing it someday.

-- Des
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