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There is something to be said for wrapping yourself in a soft, fuzzy blanket and curling up on the futon, even if it's a hot day.

Because sometimes you just need to be wrapped in something, y'know?


The sunset was pretty tonight. Not breathtaking (like the fog this morning), but pretty. I went outside and just stood and watched it for 10 full minutes. I need to make a ritual of doing that every day.

The fog this morning going over the Grade was incredible. You'd get to the top, and look down, and the whole valley was half-filled with it ... it looked like someone had taken a misshapen clay bowl, and poured in white cotton candy. I wish I had had my camera; days when it looks like that are exceedingly rare (indeed, days when there is fog at all are exceedingly rare).

>>> Geeky Stuff

I'm beginning to suspect deneb's first disk might be going bad. Apache suddenly stopped working tonight, and when I tried to kill and restart it, all the apache processes went into iowait mode and refused to die. I couldn't bring the machine down cleanly, couldn't even unmount half the filesystems ... so I just had to power-cycle it. [This is one of the few things about Linux that annoys me ... it is impossible to kill a process that's in iowait, even if it's using resources like filesystems (which then cannot be unmounted).]

Upon reboot, I manually ran fsck, which reported errors on every single filesystem on that disk (but the other disks were fine, thank $DEITY). Badblocks didn't find anything out of the ordinary, however, so I patched things up and threw the machine back into service.

But, I will be watching it very closely. If deneb dies, that means no more website, no more email, no more Subversion (my whole life is in Subversion ;P). I have backups, of course, but this would make for not-happy Des. I would rather not have to use my laptop as an interim server. :p

-- Des

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