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Nothing to wake you up like a good morning earthquake and a few aftershocks...

These are just the ones I felt, there were quite a few other events:

10:15 -- The initial quake (magnitude 5.9)
10:19 -- Aftershock (magnitude 5.0)
Brief aftershock (magnitude 3.1)

Map of the quake area
News report

10:40: There have been little quick tremors every 5 minutes, but those are the worst ones. It's been a good 20 minutes and we're still getting them sporadically.

But, the apartment is still standing, none of the supports cracked underneath (one or two of them may have shifted slightly), and the gas lines seem OK, so ... *shrug*

12:40: The gas company came out and checked the lines, because I caught a few whiffs here and there. There were two minor leaks, and he fixed both of them. The one support that did shift wasn't bearing any weight (and didn't look like it had been for a while), so we're assuming it's OK for now, but it's still going to get checked.

-- Des

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