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Get out, and just go.

I've been getting that restless feeling again these past few I need to get out and find something different to do...go in a completely different direction.

I felt this way once before...and ended up here. (For those that don't already know, "here" is Nevada.)

I don't want to go running off into the middle of nowhere again. But I'm getting very tired of the was a major effort to actually get out of bed and go to class today.

Much as I don't want to, I seriously need to get out some weekend, or maybe over spring break, and just go. 'Cause otherwise, I'm going to turn into a fucking nutcase, assuming I'm not one already.

I used to be someone who could be happy and content where he was...I didn't feel the need to leave, to get out, to go anywhere or do anything. Now, every day I have to resist the urge to just take off and go somewhere for the day, and it's just getting harder to stay and do what I need to do. I wish I knew what changed...I want to be able to settle down somewhere, and call one place home. But part of me just isn't happy with that.

I can't help but think that I'm still running.

-- Des
Tags: wanderlust

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