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Bishop's Peak (part 1)

Just got back from Bishop's Peak ... it was beautiful and made me happy. Because I am an LJ whore, I tried to make a phone post from the summit, but failed miserably due to Cingular and/or LJ being fucking stupid (probably LJ, though I never miss a chance to blame Cingular for something ;P).

I'm hot, sticky and sweaty (yes, yes, this is the obligatory "Des is sticky again" joke ;P). But ... mmmm, such a good climb. I got my share of bouldering in too.

There were a number of hot shirtless boys/girls on the trail as well ... I didn't take pictures of them, though, as they might have thought it was rude. You can't exactly walk up to other boys (or girls, for that matter) in this county and say "I think you're hot, can I take your picture?". Maybe in SF or LA ... but not here.

Pictures to come after the ... *cough* shower. Or whenever I get around to it.

-- Des

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