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Bishop's Peak (part 2)

So, here are the pictures I promised you. The full gallery can be found here (including the higher-res versions). I picked the best ones out, though. Most of these are from the summit, because I was too busy walking (and staring at hot shirtlessness) to stop and take pictures. When I hike, that's all I'm doing.

It took me about 40 minutes to get up, moving at a decent pace ... if I had brought more water I probably could have gone faster, but I didn't. I was expecting it to be windier and colder than it was ... it was surprisingly calm for this time of year. Anyway, I don't think I stopped for more than about 30 seconds the whole way up. (Yes, I am proud of myself for this. ;P)

>>> The East Outcropping

I got up to the highest rock, and was greeted with this. I think at this point I was the tallest thing in the valley. ;)
All of San Luis Obispo, spread out below me. Is the group of buildings and trees at upper left. The new dorms are just outside the picture.
Laguna Lake (behind the hill), and Foothill Blvd (in front of the hill).
The westernmost outcropping.
You can see Hwy 1 just over the side of the hill, heading off towards Morro Bay.
The flat plains. Laguna Lake is in the upper left corner.
My head. I took quite a few of these (partially because I couldn't see what I was taking ;P), but only one of them turned out even semi-reasonable. Even so, you can *still* tell that I was a lazy bum and forgot to shave this morning. ;P
My boots. I liked the image this one presented ... Sitting down, almost dangling my feet over the side of the rock, staring down at the valley far, far below ...

>>> The West Outcropping

I swear, this didn't look phallic in real life. ;P
A silhouette of the hillside.
Not only did I leave my mark on the mountain (my footprints), the mountain (or rather, a very thorny bush) left its mark on me.
One of the lesser outcroppings, with the sun behind it.
The Morros, stretching off into the distance. You can see Hwy 1 again on the right.

>>> The Bottom

You can just barely see some people on the top of the easternmost outcropping. There were three of them, though you can't tell from this picture.
The beginning and the end of the trail.

-- Des

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