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I am bored. Boredboredboredboredbored. Wheeeeeeee.

Why is it that when I'm bored, there's nobody around to talk to on AIM, but when I'm not bored (i.e. doing something semi-productive), everybody shows up at once? It must be some twisted application of Murphy's Law, or something (which, by the way, was mathematically demonstrated not that long ago, although I lost the link ... ;P).

I have probably an hour or two's worth of grading left to do. Go me. Aside from meditating (which, btw, is now officially being counted as "productive" time, even if it's not), that's the only productive thing I've done all day.

Gods, I pity the poor 317 students ... their exams shall bear the markings of my red pen for all eternity ...

Now, back to purging my brain of its baseless paranoia. I swear, it grows faster than weeds around here ...

-- Des

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