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It's almost 2 AM, and everyone else is in bed by now, but what else is new. :p

I'm bitter about the election. It doesn't really matter whether Bush won or Kerry won, they're both almost equally bad. The sole reason I prefer Kerry over Bush is we can hold Kerry's reelection over his head.

But, of course we got Bush. Which means another 4 years under his reign of terror. ;P As I told Ashlee and Q last night, Bush's is the first presidential administration under which I have actually lived in fear. Perhaps that is because I'm more aware of the world now than I was 4 years ago, but perhaps his administration really is (more) fucked-up.

The measures banning gay marriage passed in ALL 11 states. In every state but Oregon, they passed with over 60% of the vote (Oregon was 57%). This disgusts me. How people can vote to curtail an expression of love and loyalty that is between two consenting adults (Nobody's forcing you to marry another boy, you know ... if you're tempted by the thought, that's your problem. ;P), and yet consider themselves morally upstanding, is completely beyond me.


On the plus side, I did some design work with Dryice for a bit (and decided I'll need to rip out and redo the object model again :p). And it's been raining in bursts. I hope we get lots of rain tomorrow.

I need to remind myself to keep breathing, and focus on maintaining the self. I haven't been doing enough of that lately. After all, when the self is gone, there's nothing.

-- Des

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