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So, we went to Denny's at midnight...just the thing for post-finals stress relief. :) I think we had the greatest number of people there thus far...10 Amazingly enough, I knew all but two, and consider most of those I do know to be friends.

Mmm, what's more, there is more debauchery to be had tomorrow at kion's house.

I'm a lot happier here now since I've joined CPLUG...I suppose it was just a matter of finding the right group of people to be around. Part of me wishes I had joined last year...but I know I didn't have time for it then, between school, and Dazed/SeaHorse. (Yes, I refer to people using their online names in my online diary. Deal.) Last year, and to a certain extent the beginning of this year, was just really messed up.

I get my laptop back tomorrow, which makes me happy. And I'm still being a lazy Des and not writing that contemplative entry I promised (at least to my friends).

On the whole, I'm a happy Des.

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