December 9th, 2002



This is my first LiveJournal entry. I downloaded a Gtk client, logjam...we'll see how it works. kion got me into it, and away from K5, which is becoming a troll zone.

My old journal is stored at Kuro5hin if you're interested. I'm giving LJ itself a try now, because I want a bit more control over my journal than K5 allowed. K5 had no way to make journals private, or control who is and isn't allowed to post comments. LJ does, and LJ has cool clients, thus I switch.

First final today...Political Science. I think I got at least a C on it, which is good, since I absolutely need to pass the class. The paper was 11 pages long, double-spaced (he wanted 8+), so I should be able to get a decent grade.

Tomorrow is Sociology, at 11 AM...I really need to study for it. It's at 11 AM, which is earlier than I would like, but oh well (I'm used to classes that start at 12 PM). I just have to get up really early tomorrow to study, and study some more before I go to bed tonight.

OK Des, enough playing with your tech toys. Back to work.
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