December 14th, 2002


Home, Sort of.

Well, I'm back at parents' house. Don't know if that's a good thing or not, but I'm here, so I'll enjoy it. It's good, because I get to see Falcon, Xenith, and the cats (of course). It's bad, because I get to deal with my parents, which can be annoying at times. Although, I think my dad at least is finally able to respect me as an individual person separate from the family and treat me as an adult. I'm not sure about my mom yet...she still gets incredibly frustrated with me over the silliest, stupidest things.

What's amazing to me right now is that even though I'm at home, my new sense of happiness, calm, and general well-being haven't faded. I've already had to listen to my mother bitch out my little brother, and been dragged on one christmas shopping expedition...but I'm still happy and calm. I hope I can keep this up the whole time I'm here.

The drive home in the rain was interesting...there weren't as many morons, but the few morons that were present were far more moronic than usual. So, the moron/morosity ratio went down, but the total amount of morosity on the road stayed the same. I hydroplaned once due to a large puddle, but didn't stray too far from where I was supposed to be (which was good, since there was a lot of traffic). Basically, I'm alive, and in one piece, which is always a good thing.

Oh, and I just noticed there's a little scratch in my laptop's LCD...I think it was the cats' fault, though, since it looks suspiciously like a claw mark...
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