December 15th, 2002



Last night was cool...Xenith, one of his friends (whom I shall call 'Elf', since I think it's in his nick), and myself all went out to get chinese, then we rented two movies I don't remember the name of the first one...the second one was Star Trek: Insurrection. I've seen it wayyyy too many times, and I know most of the good lines in that movie (there are lots of em...almost too many). So, yeah, knowing exactly what's going to happen tends to make it boring, but it was still fun since other people were around.

I guess I did a bit of unconscious trolling last night...sorry, rjoseph...I thought it would be obvious, but when I reread my comment, I guess it really wasn't obvious at all. /me bitchslaps himself for trolling

So, today is christmas shopping...Falcon called before I got up this morning (predictably), and he and I are going to go out and go christmas shopping today. We have wayyy too many people to buy for, as usual.

OK, time to get in the shower.

Update: Xenith now has an LJ account...xenithtoast.
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