December 16th, 2002


Storm? What?

Here I am, it's dark...nothing but the reading lamp on. Phoebe is in my lap, curled up, purring. (Yes, she's a cat, one of three.) It's raining...I can hear the rhythmic drumming of the rain on the deck, and the plinking noises made by the sound of the rain in the gutter. All is peaceful...everyone is asleep except me and the cats.

Orion comes over to me with his string, meowing in that plaintive voice that says, "I want to play!" I pet him, scratch his chin, and let him play with my hand; he comes up to first nuzzle, then chew on my nose. I kiss him on the forehead, and say "I know, I know, but not now. Now is sleeping time for little kitties." He stares at me, with that innocent kitty expression, then proceeds to bat playfully at my face with his paw, purring all the while.

I laugh, and let him attack my hand some more, but he goes back to the string, ever more insistent. When I refuse to pick up the string, he proceeds to play with my shoelaces; an expert at untying them. But as always, he goes back to the string. He looks at me, silently pleaing with those brown eyes and that tabby face, to please, oh please pick up the string.

I kiss him lightly on the head and say, "two minutes, I'm writing, okay? Two minutes, I promise." He acquiesces, sitting back on his haunches to stare at me expectantly, waiting for me to finish. It's just me, the cats, and the rain.

I am at peace.