December 17th, 2002


I just spilled milk all over myself, and the newspaper.

Just in case you're know.

Christmas shopping is still to be done...I have to find something for my grandparents, who don't seem to want/need anything. Oh, and it stopped raining, and it was actually sunny. Mooo...bad weather.

Orion is being a little pest, as always...Oberon hasn't been around much today. Silly cats.

I'm working on a C++ library that I've had around in one form or another for quite some time's a memory management/data structures library, which still doesn't use really should, though I just haven't had time to port it. I'm also working on a cool plugin system, which when finished, will hopefully be really easy to use. The whole goal of this library is ease of use, though efficiency is also important.

Anyway, nothing else interesting has happened, seeing as how I'm at home, so back to C++ monkeying.
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