December 19th, 2002


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I'm feeling the need to get away from people again. This morning I woke up at a semi-normal time (11, as opposed to 1), and bitched at myself all through the shower. I think today I need to get out of the house, and just go somewhere by myself...even the cats' incessant meowing is starting to get on my nerves.

On the plus side, it's raining again. This means more moisture smells and whatnot. :)

Oooh...maybe I'll go up Mt. Diablo and see what the rain is like from the top of the mountain. That would be fun. No promises, though.
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Fucking morons.

So, I took my grandma out to go christmas shopping for my parents, since she can't drive anymore. On the way back to dropping her off at her house, I got pulled over by a cop for going 45 MPH.

The speed limit was 45 MPH.

Apparently, I was driving "too fast for conditions"...however, he pulled me over despite that fact that (a) I am driving a Jeep, which is designed to be able to handle such conditions, and (b) there was nobody in front of me, so I would still have plenty of time to brake if needed.

He acknowledged both of these points, but still gave me a warning.

Since it was just a warning (and therefore doesn't go on my record or have a fine), I didn't make an issue out of it (though my grandma certainly did, lol). But it's annoying. Cops should not be wasting their time pulling people over who are being safe, even if they ARE just outside of what is "legally allowed" (assuming, for the moment, that I was in fact going too fast...even my grandma doesn't think I was, and she's scared of driving, period).

Anyway, that's my rant for the day.